I was born on October 16, 1980, in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.
I met the metals when I was a girl in family parties, as I would collect bottle caps and then would made them become my first jewels.
As a Fine Arts graduate I specialized in Engraving at the UNR (Rosario National University) School of Arts.
At the same time, I completed many Jewelry Workshops given by MATRA (Argentina Traditional Craft Work Market) and Miguel Tome.
I have lived in Buenos Aires since 2007.
Since then, I have attended many Jewelry workshops given by Esteban Duarte, Alfredo Garavaglia, Engraving workshops given by Lorena Pradal and Textile Identity, by Araceli Pourcel.
From 2000 on, I have started exhibiting and marketing my jewels around the world, which has become my Jewelry Path.
It has been a long way across Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Morocco.